Swish-Rod® by Handishop Industries
“The Ultimate
       Ice Fishing Rod”

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The Original Swish Rod

The popular original Swish Rod was developed and patented during the 1960's for deep water ice fishing at depths over 20 feet.
It's unique features and quality construction have kept it in high demand.

Swish Rod Long Light Action Rod $43.99 SOLD OUT
Swish Rod Long Heavy Action Rod $43.99 SOLD OUT

Swish Rod II

Sorry, Swish Rod II is currently unavailable!

The Swish Rod II was developed for shallow water use. It features the same quality construction as the Original Swish Rod. A 4 3/4 inch reel and an overall length of 23 inches make this an excellent shallow water rod.

Swish Rod II

Swish Rod II Light Action Rod $35.99 SOLD OUT


The Swish-Down features our light action rod blank with extra large guides to prevent freeze ups as well as the Swish-Rod II Reel. The SR II reel not only offers the same drag and brake control and line retention clips but also works as the balance point for the Swish-Down. Our reel balancing point allows you to customize the rod position. Slide the reel farther back towards the handle and it will position the rod up in the air. Slide the reel closer to the reel tip and this will position the rod parallel or pointed towards the ice depending on the setting. The Swish-Down is made of solid oak and features an adjustable stand that adjusts from 2 to 3 feet off the ice. The Swish-Down also comes with a solid oak base that allows the Swish-Down to be used with our without snow. It also comes with a Swish-Rod flag that you can attach to the tip of the rod or the handle. The Swish-Down comes fully assembled out of the package. Simply attach the flag to your desired point on the rod and add your favorite line and you are ready to go!! Folds up to 36.5 inches,so it fits nicely in a sled, bucket, or bag.
Swish-Down Rod

Swish-Down $45.99 SOLD OUT